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Realtor SEO

85% of searchers click on a result from the first page only.  In fact potential buyers feel the Realtor’s on the first page are more creditable than the others.

If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, you are missing the 85% percent who already found what they were looking for.

It’s Hard Work Getting a Website On The First Page… Don’t Worry, We Make It Easy For You!

SEO for Realtors

Your Website is on the first page of google

There is no need to wait to have your Website or Facebook Page on the first page of Google.  Click on one of the available keywords below to try it out for 5 minutes.  We can only have 1 Realtor per keyword, so make sure to rent it before your competition does!

Real Estate SEO

Bonus #1 - Your YouTube Video is on the first page of google

Every keyword also gets a YouTube video that is ranked in Google.  The video sticks out to the prospects as they are searching.  We place your contact number in the title of the video.  Most prospects call the number without even watching the video!

Real Estate Social Media

Bonus #2 - Your advertised in our monthly social media blasts

We are constantly creating new posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Every month we will be creating posts and pointing prospects to your rented site.  This is target to local residence and others looking to relocate to your keywords area.

Available Keywords

  • Green – Google often takes its time ranking websites and videos.  Green keywords are new keywords we are working on.  This gives you the opportunity to obtain the keyword you want before your competition does.  We typically have the keyword on the first page of Google within 30 days, which changes it to blue status.
  • Blue – These keywords are on the first page of Google for both your website and YouTube video.  We don’t rest though until the Keyword is an orange status, even if you are renting it out.
  • Orange – Keywords in orange are dominating Google.  When we dominate Google we have multiple rankings pointing to your site.  For example on the first page of Google there could be your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Map, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn Profile.  Orange keywords are rented out quickly.

Click on a Keyword below, then choose 5 minute trial to see it in action!

Available Keywords